Hospice is a concept, a place, and a group of people
Concept:  Originally  the term hospice meant a
place of safety and refuge where a weary or
beleaguered traveler could find respite.  At Harbour
Hospice that concept is still true.  Patients and
family weary from disease and frightened by the
prognosis can find loving human touch and
compassion practiced by the caring staff of Harbour
People:  Hospice is staffed by a team of people working together to
provide the best possible compassionate care.  The staff of Harbour
Hospice are chosen for their experience and training, and are the best in
their field.  They are also chosen for their love, their compassion, and
their willingness to listen and journey with the patient and the family
through this difficult time.
Place:  The place for hospice is wherever the patient calls home.  And
that home can be in the patient’s home, the home of a friend or relative,
a nursing home, or a hospital.  Harbour Hospice will come to you.
Harbour . . . a concept        Harbour . . . the team        Harbour . . . services
At Harbour Hospice decisions are made by the patient, who is the leader of the
team, with input from caring family members and the team sent from hospice in
consultation with the primary physician.