Harbour Hospice is about the quality of life at the end of life.
       For patient, family and friends - the dying process is a time of self examination,
life review, and relationship evaluation.  Dying is a time of letting go of the familiar and
normal, of saying goodbye to friends and family.  The dying process is an emotional
cauldron which affects the patient and the patient’s circle of friends and family.
       Each Individual who engages in the dying process becomes transformed by the
intensity of the emotions present.  Harbour Hospice personnel will be present for each
person to help make the adjustment to the dying process a gentle and positive
experience of transformation.
       Hospice is about life, about hopes and dreams and courage.  Hospice is about
remembering and being grateful for the memories which make you smile.  Hospice  is
about family and friends who gather and journey with you.

       Call Harbour Hospice - we will journey with you as friends.